Label Focus – Small Pond Recordings

By August 8, 2018 Music

This month we take a look at Small Pond Recordings!

Since Small Pond was founded, they’ve released records, hosted live events, recorded artists, filmed live sessions and promoted bands. And they’re just getting started!



  1. What prompted you to start the label?
  • We had toyed with the idea of starting a record label for a while, so when our Italian friends in Valerian Swing asked us for some help in releasing their album ‘Aurora’ in the UK, we decided to slap a stamp on the record and throw ourselves in the deep end. It escalated quite quickly from there, learning on the job and figuring out the logistics of a release whilst it was happening. There were many moments when none of us felt like we knew what we were doing, but we kept persevering and working on creative solutions to fix our problems. We have come a long way since that first release; we have more staff, a much larger roster and an in-house press department to say the least. It’s really cool to see how everyone has progressed over time, naturally slotting into their various roles.
  1. What has been your proudest moment of the label so far?
  • There have been many moments of pride over the last couple of years, when all the sweat, hard work and perseverance seems worth it. One of my fondest memories is when ‘When She Flashes Her Smile On Me’ from Inwards was made track of the week over on BBC 6Music Recommends. It was immensely exciting to see that level of support from so many DJ’s who we all have such a high level of respect for, and it really propelled the track to an unprecedented level.
  1. Which three to five albums would you recommend to someone who maybe doesn’t know the label and wants to start checking it out?
  • Inwards – Diesel
    The first album from modular synth wizard Kristian Shelley is the coalescence of electronic instruments, organic composition and ambient textures.
  • Natalie Evans – Better at Night
    The culmination of many years of learning instruments and song writing, Natalie’s debut album perfectly captures those small moments of calm and serenity that wash over you at night fall.
  • The Physics House Band – Mercury Fountain
    A frenetic, bewildering record that shares as many influences with jazz as it does prog. Comedian Stuart Lee describes it as “A super-dense sci-fi mindfuck of a thing… It’s a two black Americano experience that makes me wish I still had pin-sharp hearing to lose.”
  1. If money was no object, which artist(s) – past or present – would you love to sign to the label, and why? 

–        I would absolutely love to work with Brian Eno; an extremely innovative, interesting and talented artist. Just to be involved in his musical process in any small way would be so enlightening.

  1. If you had one piece of advice for someone wanting to start a label, what would it be? 
  • Do it with your friends, do it because you love music, and be prepared to work your ass off!