Moshi Moshi Records started off as a hobby in 1998, set up by three friends who wanted to work with the bands they loved.

We have been lucky enough to hear from Rachel about the label:

1.    Who are Moshi Moshi and what is the labels main ethos?

MMR is a London (and sometimes Margate) based record label doing its best since 1998. And behind the curtain its Stephen, Michael, Rachel and Minna.

Visit Moshi Moshi's Official Website Here

2.    What do you enjoy most about working for Moshi Moshi?

What’s not to like about working with a endless stream of talented and interesting people. It keeps you young and positive and forward-looking. 

To mark their 20th anniversary, Moshi Moshi Records announced the release of “Twenty Years Of Moshi Moshi”
Released 7th June, 2019 on limited 12” triple vinyl

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3.    Who, in your opinion, are Moshi Moshi’s (3-5) artist(s) ‘to watch’ this month?

Roxy Girls, Anna Meredith, Jeff Lewis, Girl Ray.

Listen to Roxy Girls, Anna Meredith, Jeff Lewis and Girl Ray’s newest releases on Spotify!

4.    If you could recommend 1 album to anyone reading, what would it be and why?

The Wave Pictures – Instant Coffee Baby

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5.    If money was no object, which artist(s) would you love to sign to the label, and why?

The dream artist is someone who has established themselves creatively to the point where they can do things on their own terms. That’s when you can really have some fun and push the boundaries. Someone like a Four Tet perhaps.

Four Tet Live Show setup 2019

6.    If you had one piece of advice to someone wanting to start a label, what would you say?

Enjoy it but also treat it seriously. It might be fun, but you’re dealing with musicians livelihoods, their hopes and dreams and the fruits of their creativity, and you should never treat that responsibility lightly.


Many thanks to Rachel for taking the time to answer these questions!