About Dais:

We (Gibby Miller & Ryan Martin) met in the NYC music scene in the early naughts, and started the label in 2007 a few years after Gibby moved to LA. We often spoke about records we wanted to own, rare releases that were worthy of a reissue, and great new bands we loved. We decided to start our own record label when Genesis P-Orridge challenged us to release the legendary Early Worm recordings after Ryan stumbled across them in her archives.  That would become our first release, and since then we’ve released around 150 works from artists around the world. Our goal has always been simple: to help create and release objects that we ourselves wanted to own. That mission has resulted in many adventures, friends and discoveries. We are genre agnostic, so you’ll find it all here: industrial, experimental, ambient, pop, indie, goth, new wave – though we feel strongly that there is a thread that connects them all, sometimes faintly sometimes strongly. The below selections were difficult to make, as it’s hard to pick only 10 that represent our “sound” (as we feel the catalog itself is a story), however they do a good job of showing the diversity of sound, feeling, and inspiration that drives Dais.