In The Dark: The Solitary Craft Of Hilary Woods

By June 7, 2018 Music, News

“In the dark,” Hilary Woods sings, “our stars shine.” For an artist thrust into the spotlight at an early age – it’s easy to forget that Woods was still a teenager at the time she was touring the world with JJ72 – her spirit comes through most vividly in the dimly lit scenes that make up ‘Colt’, the immersive debut album she’s releasing on Sacred Bones. Following a couple of similarly stark EPs released over the years, it feels like an honest document for a musician more at home with the piano, more at home with something still and contemplative than indie-rock bravado.

Regardless, if her art carries a chill to it, it’s a pleasurable one. In conversation, Woods comes across as a musician eager to explore ideas, open to new interpretations but careful to resist easy categorisation. ‘Colt’ is the sound of an artist stepping back into the shadows, away from the glare and the gloss, and shining brighter than ever.

Hilary Woods will release new album ‘Colt’ on June 8th via Sacred Bones.

Read the full interview with Hilary Woods HERE.

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