Suddenly: You see a lot of ‘electronic artists’ these days. People at the starts of their careers, people without much talent, and everyone in between. In a crowded market, how do you find the good stuff? It’s especially difficult now that the 24/7 chill beats to chill/study live-stream has been deleted (RIP to the real one xx).

‘Suddenly’, enters Caribou with the grace of that guy who can pivot over fences before placing a pair of headphones on your hungry ears and lowering you into his electronic world of bops, saxophones and wistful vocals. This is a gorgeous sounding album, with a mix that centers the groovy drums and warm synths from someone who knows their sound inside and out. Whether it’s the chill lows of Magpie or the jumping highs of Ravi, this album takes you on a journey.

One of the really interesting things to listen out for on this record is Caribou’s use of evolving synths. By constantly exploring parameters, he manages to keep everything fresh, with an attention to detail that is matched by few. Hopefully that’s enough to convince you to give this a spin if you don’t like to live on the wild side with your indie-electronic listening. Just in case it isn’t, and you’re teetering on the edge, maybe it would help that we’ve got these really cute exclusive@hmv postcards to go with your purchase. Send one to your mum, put one on your wall, send one to your nan, why not?

Check out HMV’s exclusive intwerview with Caribou HERE