Happyness’ third LP comes after a hiatus of almost three years for the band.

Releasing on 1st May
via Infinit Suds

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1 – title track
2 – Milk Float
3 – When I’m Far Away (From You)
4 – Vegetable
5 – What Isn’t Nurture
6 – Bothsidesing
7 – Undone
8 – Anvil Bitch
9 – Ouch (Yup)
10 – (I Kissed the Smile On Your Face)
11 – Seeing Eye Dog

Core members Jonny Allan and Ash Kenazi describe the record as ‘both a break-up and a coming out album’, it having been spawned from a period of turmoil and the subsequent major shifts in the lives and outlooks of the band; most visibly, drummer Ash Cooper’s emergence from a supporting role into a fearless drag queen to co-front the project with singer Allan. Floatr sits in tone somewhere between the ragged euphoria of Weird Little Birthday and the lush balladry of Write In, and with a fresh injection of characteristically mad, artfully self-aware lyrical turns (first single “Vegetable” references Chumbawumba, drag queen Jujubee, vaping and Scientology’s E-meter auditing process all in the space of less than 4 minutes) – it seems the band may be entering their most thrilling era yet. Happyness, to the runway.