Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith recently released her album The Mosaic Of Transformation which has had a very successful 2 week of Streaming on the CALM app and she was also the most saved album on the platform. Make sure to check out the livestream.

All the best ambient albums are based around mostly incomprehensible concepts, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s The Mosaic of Transformation is no different. The record is a hymn to electricity as a physical experience, a concept which Smith developed through improvisatory dance – though how this affects the process of recording an album is mostly beyond me.

The record certainly does feel physical, though, in a way which most electronic music doesn’t. It won’t come as a surprise to long-term listeners of Smith that the vocal loops on ‘Remembering’ feel more human than the vast majority of ambient vocals. The album’s epic 10-minute finale ‘Expanding Electricity’ blurs the boundaries further between physical acoustics and synthesis – over the course of the track a synthesised vibraphone sounds variously like the Akira soundtrack, one of Smith’s modular synths and an especially esoteric Aphex Twin deep cut.

-loud and quiet

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