Daniel O’Sullivan has announced that he will release a new solo album, titled ‘Folly’, on 5 Apr, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Veld’.

The album was written around the birth of O’Sullivan’s son and the death of a friend, with both events bleeding into his lyrics. He explains: “Joy is inseparable from suffering and sometimes those polarities arrive at the same moment. Music offers a vessel to contain the unspeakable”.

Of the writing process as a whole, he adds: “Writing songs alone can take some time even if a song arrives fully formed in your mind. The execution of it involves long durations with each individual part of the arrangement until it reaches something concise”.

“The song tells you what it needs and I try not to force ideas onto it”, he says. “These songs are outside in rather than inside out, there was always a latency between the birth of the song and my understanding of its purpose. ‘Folly’ is looking at who is doing the shaping, most of these songs are about writing songs”.

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