Bristol-based/Trinidadian-born singer/songwriter/producer Coreysan releases his new album ‘Deeper Than Skin’ via the Blind Colour label on 30th October.

Touring the world as a bassist and backing vocalist with the legendary Calypso Rose, and collaborating more recently with the likes of Ink Project, Matuki and more, this un-categorisable and hypnotic 7 track mini-album presents the next chapter in Coreysan’s unique and powerful catalogue of songs, blending earthy bass and soulful beats with raspy, soothing vocals and a storyteller, thought-provoking approach, joining the dots between a myriad of musical explorations touching on Electronica, Dub, World Music, Alternative Rock, Calypso, Caribbean, Indian, MIddle Eastern, North & South African and more.

‘The Right Moment’ opens the album with an otherworldly, rich pad sequence, seizing the now before Coreysan’s virtuosic bass meanderings pave the way for the first of many poetic lyrical passages heard throughout the album; highlighting the importance of having the patience and attentiveness to seize the moment in order to grow.

‘Deeper Than Skin’, with its driving, rhythmic pulsations and deep, dark bass grooves and atmospherics examines truth and beauty as being deeper than our mere human shells, while ‘Treasure’ addresses the consequences of a broken heart before leading into the sensual and ethereal bliss of ‘Rules In Love’ – a celebration of true, divine and pure love being able to transcend all boundaries.

‘The Seed’ then connects the listener with the natural world, telling the nostalgic and humbling journey of an unseen seed on its way to becoming a tree, before an explosive celebration of Middle Eastern and North African musical fusions burst forth on ‘Without Words’, expressing the notion that thoughts, emotions and actions are often the higheest forms of communication.

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