“Shine Off” drops on September 18, with the EP that bore it dropping soon after.

Pre-order the single here.

“It can be easy to bury your head in the sand in a time of crisis — we all do it — so while it’s easier said than done, the real trick is to catch yourself and ask for help before things get that far. So says rising singer-songwriter and composer Amy Milner in her haunting, piano-led new single “Shine Off”.

With more new music on the way (due to be released via the label she recently co-founded with producer Tim Larcombe), “Shine Off” is the first of a new batch that mark a notable evolution in her sound. Led by an affecting piano line, Milner’s voice soars gracefully across the twinkling keys before being bolstered by the gradual introduction of gentle electronic flourishes.

Speaking with Complex via email, Milner told us: “A problem shared is a problem halved. ‘Shine Off’ is an ode to companionship, to the people who care about each other enough that they won’t run a mile for knowing each others worries and weaknesses. As much as we might try to stay strong when we are suffering, to hold everyone else up when we are feeling down, we must realise that our loved ones wish for our happiness as much as we do theirs, and that actually we can’t be our best selves when we’re in pain; we can’t help others as much as we’d like to when we are in need of help ourselves.”