Bonniesongs is the recording moniker of Bonnie Stewart. Those lucky enough to have caught one of her shows in her native Australia over the last couple of years have been treated to her exquisite brand of ethereal, arty, indie-tinged folk. Energetic Mind is her debut album, following on from her 2018 EP, Strings. For fans of Joanna Newsom, Cat Power and Bjork.

“I  couldn’t be luckier than to work with such a dream team of pals. Thank you Trumpy for your amazing skills, good vibes and for creating such a wondrous balance of listening, space and creativity in the studio. Thank you Alyx for such huge generosity of your time, creativity, love, encouragement, and tarot readings. Literally couldn’t have done this without you both!

Thank you to so many of my wonderful friends for encouraging me to do this. Big emotive hugs to Rhys, Matilda, Alyx, Jess, Dave, Emma, Luke, Ida and of course my love of all loves, Tom. Without you, I would still be playing in my room. Special thanks to Freya for your awesome musicianship and for being such a joy to play with and know.”

“Also thanks to Mary and John for lending us their basement while we started the recording process, as well as included me in their family dinners!

Of course I’ve got to thank the fam for their ongoing support and love! Thanks Mum for sharing your crazy imagination and creativity with me. Thanks Dad for sharing your love and passion for music. Thanks to my sister for teaching me to be brave and trust my instincts. Big love to my housemate family also. Peter, Louis, Rhys, Jimmy and the rest, thanks for the inspiration and putting up with my loops and stomps.

So happy to be releasing this through my friends at Art As Catharsis and Small Pond.”

released September 6, 2019

Bonnie Stewart: vocals, guitar, banjo, drums, percussion
Freya Schack- Arnott: cello
Thomas Botting: double and electric bass
Alyx Dennison and David Trumpmanis: guitar noodles, bass synth and zombie vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by David Trumpmanis
Coo Coo recorded and mixed by Dave Kempton, with additional recording, mixing and mastering by David Trumpmanis
Produced by Alyx Dennison
Photos by Nick Mckk
Layout and design by Traianos Pakioufakis