From Something To Lose, New Album Out 10/23 On Arbutus Records

Better Person – the project of Polish, Berlin-based musician Adam Byczkowski – will release his new album, Something To Lose, next Friday on October 23rd via Arbutus Records. Today, he presents the final single, “Dotknij Mine,” with an accompanying visual. Following previous singles “Close To You” and “Something To Lose,” “Dotknij Mnie” is sung entirely in Polish (Byczkowski’s mother tongue) and nods to the dark, gothic mood for which Better Person is known. 

The visuals, shot by Goeff Meugens in Montreal, are simple and bold, matching the powerful mood of the song. “This song to me is a big monument shining in a stormy rain, a gloomy altar to a depression I was overcoming at the time,” says Byczkowski. “It was time to move on and I used this song to do so. Both chords and words came to me in a stream of consciousness manner. I kept adding more and more layers and ended up with this monster. Together with Ben Goldwasser’s mixing and production skills we managed to make something we’re both really proud of.”

Watch “Dotknij Mine” Visual

Something to Lose is the culmination of Better Person’s desire to nurture intimacy through tender balladry. Produced by MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser, Something to Lose is an intriguing combination of forgotten euro-pop tropes with an elegant sophisti-pop palette provides the backdrop upon which his supple and detailed vocal delivery thrives. Though the album is a celebration of love, the refreshing honesty and self-effacement that Better Person fans are familiar with is still at the heart of its lyrics. Byczkowski may be a dreamer but he has no delusions about the real world. Something to Lose is a proclamation of a newfound devotion, but also the fear of loss that comes with it. It is not simply about love, but the bitter-sweetness of life, the fear and darkness that underscores even the most euphoric moment. 

Watch “Dotknij Mine” Visual

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Watch “Something To Lose” Visual 

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