6 HOT Releases out THIS WEEK!

By August 10, 2018 Music

Tom Pankhurst – Lighthouse

This EP started with a minute long idea recorded in 2014 – subsequently lost, scrapped and re-purposed into the track Lighthouse, the other tracks followed from ideas recorded at a similar time, and were worked on over a period of about 3/4 years.

The Vryll Society-  Course of the Satellite

Fans of tame impala, temples & pond will love their brand of cosmic psych rock haze that draws on the sounds of deep funk, krautrock, electronica & prog.

they’ve created a blissfully infectious set of mellifluous grooves washed over with cyclical motifs, acres of effects-laden guitar hooks & shimmering technicolour soundscapes. the dynamic leaps & folds through all these influences is where you find the vryll society’s own brand perfect pop. it’s all there in the loops, in the hooks, the drive & the vibe of this unique band. “this five piece group has been labelled psych-pop, synth-pop, space-rock & who knows what else. here is a bit of advice for the listener: ignore all the damned labels & just enjoy listening to five guys from liverpool who are obviously operating at the top of their game” 8/10 – soundblab.


Italia 90 – Tourist Estate

London based dissidents Italia 90 return with ‘Tourist Estate’, the uncompromising follow to their startling, out-of-nowhere debut EP last year. This latest single completes and confirms many of the initial statements made on their debut. A deafening wall-of-noise encircles singer Les Miserable’s decries of poverty-porn (“publish class fascination, patronising degradation!”) over a subterranean dub-reggae bassline and industrial percussion, an unusual but effective use of the 4-piece band. Before you can get comfortable, the drones are lost to what sounds like a power-cut, leaving only the stark simplicity of Miserable’s one-word poem: brutalism, brutalism, brutalism!


Flamingods – Kewali

Since putting out their intriguing breakthrough LP ‘Majesty’ via Soundway Records last summer, Bahrain-via-London psychonauts Flamingods have seen praise come in quick for their fearless invention and mesmerising live performances. Following their storming of the Sunrise stage at Latitude last year, alongside appearances at End of the Road, Latitude and Green Man, the group have attracted a kind of awed reverence for their effortless confluence of instruments and styles from as far afield as Japan, Turkey, India, Tanzania and the Amazon.

‘Kewali’ is the title track from their latest EP. It’s a song about love and the spaces between us, both physically and emotionally. With electrifying melodies and immersive production it comes on like a wave of lysergic euphoria. Doffing its hat to the monolithic bass grooves of the late sixties, it culminates with a mammoth braying guitar solo. Like the rest of the EP which bears its name, ‘Kewali’ is the result of Flamingods coming off the road having learnt the secret musical alchemy that turns an audience from a bunch of onlookers into a unitary hive mind, together floating on the same feeling.


Bergsonist – Solyaris

Bergsonist is Moroccan born and NYC based Selwa Abd, who has had releases on Styles Upon Styles, Borft and Angoisse amongst others. Her uncompromising and otherworldly creations on the Solyaris EP are an ode to the present broken education system that allowed her to sustain her dreams in New York. As an immigrant, she felt uncertain of the future and was able to channel all that anxiety through music, during her time of studies.


Birdpen – Oh So Happy

‘Oh So happy is OUT NOW! Available to BUY, STREAM or WATCH.

The song is accompanied by a new track ‘Work Song’