01.08 Moonoversun- Old Blue Last, London. (See Tickets)
@ 19:00

MOONOVERSUN smash together garbled electronics, languid beats and lo-fi, improvised vocals to create something that hovers just on the borders of the familiar. The subtle, hidden melodies certainly give the sense that this is pop music, but it’s an unsettling kind of pop; the beats don’t always keep up, dissonance nudges its way in-between the harmonies and the it’s not always clear what’s a vocal line and what’s a synth.

16.08- Inwards- Pickle Factory. (See Tickets)
@ 19:30 – 23:00

Inwards is the alias of Kristian Shelley, a multi-instrumentalist and music programmer from Worcestershire, UK. His work exists in the experimental domain and draws influence from the far borders of dance music, using modular synths with acoustic and electronic sources to create a nostalgic and colourful sonic palette.

20.08- Our Girl (See Tickets)
Rough Trade East @ 18:00- Instore & Signing
The Pickle Factory @ 20:00- Album Release & Exhibition

Having already launched Dream Wife and Tigercub in their short history, it feels like the thick, foggy garage-rock of trio ‘Our Girl’ will be the next big thing!


23.08- Average sex- Banquet Records, London. (See Tickets)

With Average Sex it’s love at first sight and love at first listen – just depends whether you see them live or hear one of their records first. If you like girls, boys, guitars, melodies and something to dance to then Laetitia, Sam, Louise, Finn and Jamie might well be your new BFFs. Finding love, falling out of love, slashing tyres, eating ice cream – all the major subjects are covered in classic three-minute pop gems that you will still be humming days later. Their songs are gorgeous and their gigs are hectic.

28.08- Imarhan- The Haunt (See Tickets)

When Imarhan released their self-titled debut album in 2016, their tender, soulful, intense vision of a genre of music that was already flooded with talent and exposure still managed to float to the top and be heralded as a pivotal record of the “New Wave Of Tuareg Music”. It is with much anticipation that the band from Tamarasset, Algeria have announced the details of their second album “Temet”, due February 23 on City Slang.