Music is like an eco-system. Each element grows from another. There’s the undergrowth, the roots and trunks,
the epiphytes- symbiotically growing together with another element. The parasites feeding off and giving way to something else, the lattice of branches and leaves, and the air and space around everything. All working together to form a bubble of life.


Trees have been the cornerstone to my latest 2 albums; In This Place and LAYERS, (an instrumental reimaging of those songs) released in celebration of Earth Day. With that in mind, I’m launching a massive pledge… For the next 7 days every Vinyl or CD of In This Place will include a digital download of LAYERS and contribute to the planting of 1 tree. Yes, every CD or Vinyl comes with a bonus digital album of LAYERS AND enables a tree to be planted. I am SO excited to be doing this. I’ve chosen to act very local and plant the trees with Stroud Valley Project, a charity in the town where I live. Although I toyed with the idea of using a cheaper international company, I know SVP use biodegradable tree-guards and mulch mats, and have spent a great deal of time investigating the most effective methods to ensure the trees, and the wildlife around them, thrive. The work SVP do is especially close to my heart – it was planting thousands of trees with them earlier this year, that helped in the journey to bring my husband Ali back to health after suffering a debilitating vestibular disorder. This just felt right.

So, here goes! I would love it so much if you can send or post any pictures via email or instagram once your LPs or CDs arrive! I’ll keep you posted on how many trees we’ve planted and whether we reach the goal of 100 in 1 week!

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